How Renew Your Love - Try Flowers for Valentine's Day

By Casey Fields

The tradition of giving flowers for Valentine's day or buying a piece of jewelry to show affection is not enough to keep a relationship together. Since love is something difficult to find and keep during these times, here are 3 means of insuring that your love status will be strong and enduring:

1) Nurture the Connection-Most relationships began as flirtations while others as friends. Friendship is a bond that goes beyond giving flowers for Valentine's day or buying jewelry. Take life nd live it to the fullest together with your partner. Doing something together or just hanging out as friends can deepen your connection with each other. This is your goal to become more than close with your partner everyday.

2) Hardwork and Perseverance-Shallow relationships fail because the couple did not persevere to keep it. Loving someone takes a lot of hard work to do. It also takes courage to make the right decisions for the good of the love you and your partner share. Commitment is a promise made with honor. This also means that whatever happens, you must stand by your word of commitment to the relationship. Allowing our love to grow with harsh realities is a way to make it better.

3) Walking Hand in Hand-Always remember that you are two individuals who have become one. Thereshould be time spent together and time spent apart to balance your lives. This act promises to make both of you, well-rounded persons. when the time comes when you'll get together, there won't be any room for boredom. Try to remember the good qualities your partner has; this will help you settle childish arguments and encourages you to walk hand in hand towards life.

To close, other romantic gestures should not be forgotten. These are the little things that seal the bond. Things like flowers for valentine's day, chocolates for no occasions, a movie date for an anniversary or birthday, goes a long way. - 30816

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A Brief History of Valentine's Day.

By Anne J. Michaels

There are a dizzying number of legends and stories of the origins of Valentines Day. It may have begun as a feast in ancient Rome, or based on one or two early Christian martyrs. The romantic connection could have begun sometime in the middle ages in the tradition of courtly love with a poem by Geoffery Chaucer. The following are some of the more recognized stories.

Lupercalia was an ancient festival near the city of Rome. It was originally held by shipyards to honor Lupercus, a fertility god around February 13-15. This festival lasted well into Christian times before it was abolished by Pope Gelasius near the end of the 5th century.

Roman Emperor Claudius II was involved in several bloody campaigns and needed more soldiers. The men however, were reluctant to join. Claudius believed the problem was the men didn't want to leave their families and wives. Claudius cancelled all marriages and engagements as a result. Valentine, a local priest, continued to marry couples, however. Valentine's defiance was eventually discovered and he was put to death. Afterwards he was named a Saint.

A poem written by Charles the Duke of Orleans is considered the oldest valentine still in existence. Charles wrote the poem to his wife when imprisoned in the Tower of London. This document is part of the collection of the British Library in London England.

In South America, customs vary. Brazil has Boyfriends/Girlfriends day on June 12th when gifts, flowers, cards and chocolates are exchanged. In Guatemala and through out much of South America February 14th is Love and Friendship day and quite popular. Similar to our version of Valentines Day, many people also offer acts of appreciation for friend.

Valentine's Day in both Denmark and Norway is celebrated on February 14th and called Valentinsdag. But the traditions are much less commercial. Valentine traditions in these countries center on having a quiet romantic dinner with their partner or sending a card or a rose to a loved one.

In spite of some government restrictions, Valentine's Day is celebrated in Iran. Their celebration is called Sepandarmazgan and the date used is February 17th. The buying and exchanging of gifts is more common among younger Iranian boys and girls.

In the late 1840's the first mass-produced Valentine cards were produced by Esther Howland in Worchester, Massachusetts. Esther's cards, made of embossed paper lace were inspired by English valentines. By the early 1850's, one writer claimed that St. Valentine's Day had become a national holiday.

The second half of the 20th century witnessed an expansion of the Valentine's Day traditions. Gifts, primarily cards, expanded to flowers and candy. Popular Valentine's Day gifts now include roses and chocolates, often in a red heart-shaped box. - 30816

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Expressing Love To Your Valentine Without Going Broke

By Adriana Noton

Valentine's Day is one of those special holidays that you let that special someone know how you feel about them. With this holiday becoming so commercialized, it can often seem as though expressing your love can be very expensive, especially when one is on a tight budget. Fortunately, expressing love to your Valentine does not mean you have to go broke. There are a number of easy ways you can express your love without looking cheap. Below are a number of tips to make your holiday special without breaking your budget.

1. Many couples will go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. When on a tight budget, this can often end up being a very expensive dining experience with the price hampering the romantic mood. One suggestion is to check the newspaper and coupon books for special Valentine Day specials. You can often find a two for one deal on special Valentine Day's meals. If you are unable to find an affordable restaurant, you can always stay at home and make a special homemade meal. You will save a substantial amount of money if you shop for ingredients that are on sale. As well, you can be creative and romantic by having a candlelight dinner with romantic music. If you want to make a night of it, you can rent a romantic movie to watch after dinner.

2. Create your own special home spa bath. You can light scented candles in a bathroom, play romantic music in the background, and relax in a warm bubble bath. There are a number of stores such as 'Dollar Stores' that sell inexpensive scented bubble bath, bath salts, massage oils, and scented soaps. A warm bubble bath for two while drinking a glass of wine is a romantic and inexpensive way to spend Valentine's Day.

3. Flowers are a traditional Valentine's Day gift. Many people think a bouquet of flowers are expensive. However, you can often buy cheaper flowers at a supermarket or if you have a flower garden, you can pick them yourself to make a creative bouquet. If you purchase flowers, you can create a beautiful blend of less expensive flowers.

4. Making homemade gifts can often mean more than a store bought gift. You can make a homemade mini scrapbook highlighting the special moments of your relationship. You can find inexpensive scrapbooks and accessories at discount stores or department stores. Special items to put in the scrapbook can include pictures, ticket stubs for a special concert, a menu or business card of the first restaurant where you ate, etc.

For people who love romance, Valentine's Day is a very special time to express their love. During difficult economic times, it can be tough to come up with an inexpensive way to celebrate the holiday. If you find yourself tightening your budget because of the recent decline in the economy, you can still celebrate Valentine's Day. With a little careful financial planning such as setting money aside a few months before the special day, and coming up with an inexpensive way to celebrate the occasion, you may find that you have the most romantic time ever. - 30816

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About Los Angeles Flowers & Online Flower Delivery

By Tim Petrosyan

For those who live in the Southern California area and are looking to surprise someone with a nice gift, Los Angeles Flowers & Online Flower Delivery should definitely be considered. There are so many florists in the area for you to purchase from. Prices are generally fairly reasonable as well. The option of online flower delivery allows you to make sure that your flowers arrive when you want them to and can take a lot of the guesswork out of sending flowers.

Here is some basic information to take into consideration when you are interested in purchasing flowers. This can help ensure that you pick the most fresh flowers and that they arrive in time. In addition to this, it can also help you to make sure that you pay attention to prices in order to get the best in the area.

Truthfully, there are hundreds of florists in the Los Angeles area that offer these services. The florists do arrangements for almost every occasion imaginable. If you don't know what flowers you should send to someone, consider browsing the florist's site online. This can show you some of the pre-made arrangements that are available. Likewise, if you know precisely what you want, talk to the florist personally. Many florists will make your arrangements custom for your order.

Using online flower delivery can really give you an accurate description of the arrival of your flowers. Some florists allow you to track the delivery of your flowers online as well. There are also options that will email you once your flowers have been delivered. Taking care of the delivery online allows you to be very specific about the delivery and even add on other gift packages through the website.

The prices for Los Angeles Flowers & Online Flower Delivery are fairly reasonable. You can usually get a beautiful arrangement for a reasonable amount of money. However, if you are ordering flowers from the more upper class side of Los Angeles, you can expect your price range to rise a little. Prices may also vary depending on how far the florist has to drive to deliver the flowers.

There are other factors that can affect the price of your purchase. If you are interested in seasonal flowers, they can typically cost more than flowers that are available throughout the year. If you are planning on having flowers delivered directly before a holiday or even during a holiday, it can also cost you extra money. But there really isn't anything that can top the smile you'll see when someone has been given flowers for a holiday.

You should check out florists in the area online and see what they have to offer. You can also talk with your friends or family to see what florists they would recommend or have experiences of. The idea is to pick the florist with the most fresh flowers. You want only the optimal freshness on your delivery date.

Consider all of the above next time you want to send flowers. It can be a great symbol of care to another person. The right choice can make those flowers memorable for long after the delivery has arrived. - 30816

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A Family Valentine's Day Celebration

By Eric Sacramento

Presenting flowers as a friendship or love is a tradition on Valentine's Day dating back several centuries. Roses (in addition to other kinds of flowers) are the conventionally preferred flower.

This craft activity gives kids encouragement in creating paper tissue flowers by hand which may then be collaged onto a symbol in the shape of a heart. This activity gives moms and dads a great chance for helping their kids learn about things like the textures, shapes, and hues of the Valentine holiday. Really small kids might not understand the meaning of terms like texture. Ensure that an explanation is provided for all freshly employed vocabulary. As soon as every required material has been obtained (and a useful, work place that can be washed is ready) start this art activity.

This is a great project for families to do together, considering that the holiday is really about all kinds of love. You can gather the materials with the children, and these can include papers in colors like pink, red, white, and purple. Or think outside the box (or heart) and choose other bright colors.

Give gifts, too. Your child will probably be ecstatic to receive his or her own bouquet of flowers or box of candy. Don't give more stuffed animals, but instead focus on group activities like movie tickets, board games, or stories.

When you're choosing candy for your youngster, be sure to seek out online sites and stores that sell natural candies. You won't want your child to have lots of sugar and preservatives and artificial colors. Besides, those with natural ingredients often taste better.

Celebrate Valentine's Day by spending time with loved ones. There is no better way to do this than a family game night. Give the children a new board game and plan to have a Valentine's Day family game night. To further emphasize the spirit of love and cooperation, look for cooperative board games that have the whole family working as a team to win the game together.

Flowers are a traditional Valentine's gift for women, but children also enjoy flowers. Girls and boys alike would feel special if they received a small bouquet of inexpensive flowers. Good flowers for children would be flowers that tend to last a long time with minimal care. Look for carnations, daisies and chrysanthemums.

Older girls may enjoy romantic fiction as a Valentine gift. But, young children would like Valentine-themed stories starring their favorite characters. Like board games, books promote family togetherness and can be a part of a Valentine-themed bedtime story.

Family night at the cinema is a great Valentine's treat. Movie night may be a special individual event for a mom or dad with a kid that's older. Or, take the entire family out for a holiday dinner, and then a special cinema night. Seek holiday presents for kids which offer meaning. Presents which provide time with your family, such as games, cinema tickets, and books demonstrate to kids that they're cared for and loved on this holiday. Or, stay with the traditional holiday flowers and candy present. - 30816

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Heart Jewelry...The Very Beginning...

By Betsy Johnson

We thank you for all the kind response regarding the heart jewelry articles that we have written in the past. It's very heart-warming. Today we would like to go back in time a bit further and write a more "generic" history of jewelry in general. The art form that we know of as "Jewelry Making" as been around for thousands of years, and different cultures have incorporated it in different ways. If we examine their pieces of jewelry we will gain some insight into the inner working of these ancient cultures.

If we take a look at the homo sapiens in Ancient Africa we see the first signs of a culture creating jewelry. Snail shell beads have been found at Blombos Cave in South Africa that date back to 75,000+ years ago. On the other side of Africa, at Enkapune Ya Moto in Kenya, beads made from ostrich egg shells have been found that date back to 40,000+ years ago.

When we think of Egypt images of the Great Pyramids and the Ancient Sphinx come to mind. And jewelry making? Not so much...but it is in Ancient Egypt (about 3,000 to 5,000 years ago) that we find the first signs of established jewelry making. Egyptians made their jewelry out of many of the materials that we use today...such as gemstones, but they preferred to make their jewelry out of glass, as it could be colored to satisfy their needs and tastes. For every gemstone that they could find, they were able to create a glass replication that could mimic it. As years went on, other cultures, such as the Phoenicians, used Egyptian jewelry as a template for their own designs.

We all love colored jewelry for it's beauty, but to the Ancient Egyptians it meant different things. Take for example the color red. The necklace of Isis that was to be placed on the neck of a mummy needed to be red in color. It was thought that this color would satisfy Isis's need for blood. On the other side of the coin, the color green was used to symbolize growth in crops and fertility. The Ancient Egyptians made their jewelry in large workshops that were often attached to their palaces and temples.

Around 4000 years ago we see jewelry development and production starting to spring up in the cities of Sumer and Akkad in Ancient Mesopotamia. This jewelry tended to be made from metal leaf, and was often set in a large number of brightly-colored stones, such as lapis, jasper, agate, and carnelian. They also incorporated various shapes, such as grapes, leafs, cones and spirals into their designs. Since the Ancient Mesopotamians were also masters in the area of record keeping, huge archives of detailed records relating to the creation and trading of jewelry have been unearthed in various archaeological sites.

Did you enjoy our little departure from our regular heart jewelry articles? It's very interesting to see how the art form of jewelry making has developed over the history of man. - 30816

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Valentine Flowers Speak of Love

By Anne J. Michaels

Imagine having an intimate conversation with someone you love. Now imagine how that conversation would occur without speaking, or even writing. Imagine finding someone you'd very much like to know better. Suppose they're interested in you as well. Imagine getting that relationship off the ground without using words of any kind.

That was the situation during much of the 1800's in Victorian England. Extreme discretion was required. Emotional expression, especially if it was romantic in nature, was strictly taboo. Such thoughts couldn't even be whispered or written down. As a result people soon found other ways to express their thoughts and feelings. One popular way was to attach special meanings to flowers.

Specific meanings were given to every variety and color of flower. As a result, a bouquet of flowers could become a secret message. In addition, the way the flowers were presented, the way they were accepted also added special meanings. Many of the secret messages were romantic, but some were rejections and some were even insults. Complete conversations could be carried on using only flowers.

Small bouquets of mixed flowers, know as tussie-mussies, became quite popular. Together with the secret language of flowers, they allowed intentions to be declared, and refusals and acceptances to be made. They allowed the expression of wishes, thoughts and emotions that people of the time dared not speak aloud.

The secret codes eventually became so complex that people needed help understanding them. Code books, dictionaries and even complete books were written to help create and understand the messages.

The Victorians weren't the first to use flowers to express emotions. Many cultures including the Greeks, the Persians, and the Japanese had a flower language. While the exact meanings of flowers have changed over time to meet the needs of culture, the desire to express thoughts and emotions through flowers has remained to this day.

Many cultures had elaborate and lengthy courtship rituals. The giving and receiving of flowers was often an important part of the process. Those practices led to the prominent place of flowers in our modern culture. Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and Easter, among others, simply wouldn't be the same celebrations without flowers and plants.

Like the Victorians, we still use flowers to express our emotions. Unlike them, our messages are typically much simpler. For Valentine's Day this year, instead of sending a simple message, try a bouquet of mixed flowers for a message full of hidden meaning. Search online for "language of flowers" for some great ideas. Be sure to add a note to the bouquet to explain the deeper message. Don't forget to order your Valentine's flowers early to ensure a timely delivery. - 30816

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